Why Book A Professional Photographer?

In our last post, we looked at when was the best time to book a photographer to photograph your newborn.
(You can read it here)

In this article, we'd like to look at WHY you should book a professional photographer - to photograph not only your newborn baby, but your children, your family, your engagement, your wedding - even your graduation!

Digital photography is so cheap and accessible now. Today most of us carry a camera all the time - on mobile phones and tablets. Even Digital SLR cameras are relatively cheap and accesible to the general public. 

Only a couple of decades ago professional photography was a science which involved complex light calculations, fiddly rolls of film and the mysteries of a dark room and developing fluids. However the basics remain the same as in the era of film and professional photographers understand those elements and how to use them in a digital era to create stunning art. Film has now become a digital card, you can immediately see in camera, the effects of changing any of the manual settings, and the darkroom has been replaced by editing software. With the advance of this technology, photography has lost some of its mystery and there is nothing to stop anyone picking up a camera, switching it to automatic and calling themselves a photographer. But does owning a good camera automatically make you a good photographer? 

We are now the most photographed generation - with the least number of physical prints. How much of your child's life is captured on your mobile phone - and how often do you ever do anything with those images? Will your child be able to flick through prints and albums when she is an adult and stare in wonder at the clothes you chose to dress them in or look back at how young aunty Margaret looked at Joanne's wedding?

A good photographer will treat their portfolio of work as art and should spend time with you finding out about you and your family, discussing your home decor with you, establishing what wall space you are looking to fill, whether you prefer canvas, frames, a single image to create dramatic impact, whether you are looking for a grouping of images, or a boasting album to send to proud grandparents.

Your family albums should definitely be mostly made up of candid moments, your family holidays and 'snaps' but having regular professional photography ensures you have stunning art that your family can treasure forever - heirlooms you pass down for the next generation to enjoy. Below are some examples of how professional photography compares to your own snaps - the good the bad and the well, not so good!

Beautiful baby smiles for the camera - and there's no doubt this will be a treasured memory for mum and dad, but would you put it on the wall ... 

... or would you rather see this?  This is the same child in a professionally taken portrait.

Care to look at blurry fingers and mostly hat ....

... or a clean, crisp, stunning portrait?
{image supplied by Tiny Posers}

 Prefer a shot of a nappy and nostrils ...

... or a piece of art that speaks volumes?
{image supplied by MaddyZangles}

Nice try at a pretty flower girl ...

... but look what a professional can produce

So please, by all means keep enjoying photographing all your memories, but please do consider seeking out the services of a professional to create stunning portraiture for your home and your family to enjoy for years.

(With kind thanks to the parents who willingly allowed us to share their images)

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