When Should You Book?

When you see professional images of newborn babies, have you ever wondered how old (or new!) those babies are?

The majority of BANPAS photographers will ask to see you and your newborn baby ideally before they are 14 days old.  
8 days old - so curly and perfect
{Image supplied by Shellie Wall Photography}

When they are still this young, your baby is much easier to soothe and pose and your photographer can get all those delicious shots of your baby's rolls, and tiny new fingernails.

All squished, just like inside mum's tum
{Image supplied by Ellie J Photography}

Once a baby reaches 2 weeks old, they start to become much more aware of their surroundings, making them harder to settle and their muscles are becoming stronger, meaning they are less willing to be curled into poses.
3 week old baby who struggled to settle and refused to sleep
{Image supplied by MaddyZangles Photography}

So when is the best time to book a photographer for a newborn baby portrait session?

The simple answer is, any time after your 12 week scan.

After you've seen the first image of your baby - it's time to book a professional!
{Image supplied by Elen Studio Photography}

When you contact one of our BANPAS registered photographers, they will ask you for your expected due date.  That date is then pencilled into their diary with an approximate 2-week window either side.  Once your baby arrives, simply get back in contact with your photographer as soon after birth as possible and they will then be able to confirm a day in their diary.  All newborn photographers will have "wiggle room" in their appointment diary.  This is why it's so important to book as early in your pregnancy as possible.

Our members are experienced at working with babies so new, their clamps are sometimes still in place.
{Image supplied by Jayne Sutton Photography}

If you're worried that 14 days is going to be too soon after birth for you to even consider getting dressed and going out in public, all of our members are experienced at seeing new mums, making them comfortable during the session as well as being very hands-on with their models - soothing and posing the babies themselves.  This means mum and dad can take a much earned break and just sit back and watch the magic happen!

Small and tiny in Daddy's safe hands
{Image supplied by SR Portraits}

Some of our members are also mobile - which means they can come to your home for the session.

To find a BANPAS registered photographer near you, please visit our website

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