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Lots of our readers might be too young to remember the controversy in the media that happened when Demi Moore posed nude with her bump for the cover of Vanity Fair. At the time it was unusual to see a heavily pregnant woman pose in this way, but what Demi did was show the world how beautiful a pregnant woman is and paved the way for maternity portraits.

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A majority of BANPAS registered photographers offer Maternity photoshoots and we would urge you to consider booking a session to record one of the most amazing times in your life.

{image supplied by Alexandra Lord Photography}

Don't worry if you don't have the perfect Demi Moore pregnancy body, our members are able to light, cover and pose you, as well as edit skin blemishes to get some stunning portraits.

Photographers will see your bump from all kinds of different angles ...

{image supplied by Elen Studio Photography}

 {image supplied by Blue Lights Photography}

They may cover you in dramatic silk

{image supplied by Tiny Posers}

{image supplied by Elli J Photography}

They may take more natural images outside
{image supplied by Mariola Hart Photography}

 But what they will all do, is make you look like the beautiful, pregnant woman you are

{image supplied by A-Photography}

 {image supplied by Jo Rutherford}

To find a photographer local to you who can create your own version of Demi's cover image, please visit the
BANPAS website

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