Runner up in our July Showcase was this beautiful colourful image by Anna Hurst Photography

Anna is based in Berkshire and we asked her tell us more about her photography.

Congratulations on your placement in the July Showcase! Tell us what you love so much about newborn photography?

It is such an amazing and emotional time for any parent brining a new baby in to the world and I always find it a real honour to be asked to capture those early days for them, especially as they change and grow so quickly. 

Doing this job also, as you can imagine, I get to hear so many stories about the highs and lows of pregnancy and birth, so when I have the family sat in front of me and everyone is doing well, I honestly feel blessed to be able to photograph and capture everything for them. I know that this may sound soppy to some but this is really what is at the heart of my business and why I do what I do!

Can you tell us anything about the image that earned you second place?

I tend to get a lot of requests from clients for fairly neutral colour schemes which obviously do work well with newborns however I do LOVE to inject a bit of colour every so often if the parents are willing - and this baby girl, with her gorgeous lashes totally worked the mustard yellow look!

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